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*About us
Welcome to our page we are delighted that you are interested in who we are and what we do. Our chief Designer Jovana Kobald is standing by if you need further information. JKobald is a fashion brand and production house located in Vienna and Belgrade. It is run by the Kobald family, many friends and creative staff. 

Now starting with our little history. You can see some samples of our contemporary fashion on this webpage or on social media and in various
publications … but really who are we anyway? What is driving us on?

Colours, natural materials, modern form, little surprises within, vegan lifestyle, the need of our customers for a good well fitted companion with whom they walk together throughout their professional day. Dynamic, contemporary, simply sexy, professional and strong.


Spring / Summer 21 "the witch is back"
Fall / Winter 19 / 20 "nothing's going on"
Spring / Summer 20 "mask my words"
Fall / Winter 19 / 20 "The second END"
Spring / Summer 19 "perpetual motion"
Fall / Winter 18 / 19 "a Christmas wish"
Spring / Summer 18 "big minimum"
Fall / Winter 17 / 18 "chaos theory"
Spring / Summer 17 "Voodoo"
Fall / Winter 16 / 17 "You gotta try"
Spring / Summer 16 "Lost ground control"
Fall / Winter 15 / 16 "Wild child"
Spring / Summer 15 “Vienna calling”
Fall / Winter 14 / 15 "Graduation Day"
Spring / Summer 14 “Baby be good”
Fall / Winter 13 / 14 "Professionale"
Spring / Summer 2013 "Flying colours"
Fall / Winter 12/ 13 "Nitting baba"
Spring / Summer 2012 “Origami moments”
Fall / Winter collection 11 / 12 "The Thirst End"
Spring / Summer collection 2011 "More hope"
Fall / Winter collection 10 / 11 "Finding"
Summer collection 2010 "Color code"
Spring collection 2010 "Change"
Fall / Winter collection 09/10 "Morphing Nature"

JKobald was founded in 2009 by a group of friends led by fashion photographer Philipp Kobald as investor and initiator. Friends like Igor, Magda, Slavica, Jovana... It now has become an exciting enterprise for the Kobald family.  We wanted to do something different, more contemporary in business fashion, simply more cool. We started by cooperating with graphic designers, actually everyone artistic, to truly live an open design process so each creative person could grow the collection with us. We are now led and inspired by our chief designer Jovana Kobald. 

The underlining idea was to integrate modern graphics into business fashion. The connecting energy was the shared dream of 100% made in Europe, rediscovering forgotten handcraft, exploring ancient techniques. Basically, we wanted to rediscover the wheel :).

But as things moved on, some people left, some stayed, some even married :).

The first year was fun, fun, fun. The second year was hope, the third too much taste of reality, the forth is impatiently waiting… so we will see what happens next. Next is now, year seven, sailing further into the unknown.

JKobald has opened 7 stores and our very own, super cool production in Belgrade (proud, proud, proud).

We are now working on our 19th collection “Perpetual motion”. Right from the start we have chosen natural materials like cotton or viscose and we are still convinced that this is the right choice for us. We love playing with colour surprises, many little details hidden within that make you smile every time you pick a JKobald product from your wardrobe :) for your eyes only. The fascination with technique and ways of production is driving us on.

Business confection is a never-ending quest for “the perfect” fit. You can search your whole life for a way to create a perfect dress and I am sure right when you have it, fashion is changing.

So again what is JKobald? It is people, colleagues, friends and love of quality.